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Garden Hens
for Hire.

Whether you are keen to trial
hen-keeping before committing to ownership, or simply wish to enjoy keeping hens for a season, we can help.

Now also serving schools!

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Our Goals

HenPals seeks to promote backyard hen-keeping amongst more British households, reducing demand from intensive farming systems while sharing the educational, environmental and therapeutic benefits of keeping hens.

How Does it Work?

HenPals delivers two hens, a coop and all supplies needed for a 4 or 12-week period.

We teach you how to care for your new guests and provide a support line for any questions that arise. Customers may purchase the hens and coop package at the end of the hiring period.

Why Keep Hens?

To Connect

With farm animals

Hens are intelligent, inquisitive and friendly, making good pets for all ages. They also help us connect with nature and spend time outdoors.

To Nurture

Through sustainable practices

Free-range hens nurture healthy soil. They fertilize the garden, till your soil and eat unwanted insects, pre-empting the need for pesticides.

To Produce

Fresh gourmet eggs

These back-garden beauties will lay an average of 5 to 6 eggs each per week. Treat yourself and your neighbours to gorgeous, fresh eggs.


Hen Hire

2 Hens
1 Coop
1 Feeder
1 Waterer
Feed + bedding
Hen care guide
Support line

Household rates -
4 Weeks: 

12 Weeks: £380 

For school rates, please enquire.



Hen care lesson
Setup on site
Pick-up for return

Delivery & Lesson: £55*
*For households based within a 30-minute drive from our farm in Medway. Please enquire for delivery prices to further afield. We serve Kent, London, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex and Hertfordshire. 

*Collect to waive delivery fee.



Bean Pod

Now offering gift vouchers! Consider sharing the joy of hens with your loved ones.

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