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Coop Designs


Coop Design 1.

Our original coops are handcrafted in the village using carefully selected materials and our own design to optimise for both the comfort and safety of our hens.

Measurements (assembled): 4 ft w x 8 ft l x 4 ft 10" h

Coops pictured with Ella and Greta, two of our pied suffolk hens.

Coop design features include:​

  • Run door for easy access 

  • Smaller nesting box door to gather eggs

  • Removable panel across coop side for easy cleaning

  • 12" steel skirt made of heavy mesh wire to prevent foxes from digging under

Materials: ​

  • Attractive and durable, locally sourced douglas fir timber 

  • Galvanised, welded mesh wire sides (16 gauge for extra protection against predators)


Coop Design 2.

Our second coop design is a similar but slightly smaller A-frame coop, designed and hand-crafted in Hampshire by Jim Vyse Arks.​

Little Braxted.jpg

Measurements (assembled): 3 ft w x 6 ft l 


Coop Design 3.

We also keep a stock of Omlet Eglu coops, which pack down well for those wishing to collect from the farm.

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