Coop Design


Our coops are handcrafted in the village using carefully selected materials and our own design to optimise for both the comfort and safety of our hens.

Measurements (assembled): 4 ft w x 8 ft l x 4 ft 10" h

Coops pictured with Ella and Greta, two of our pied suffolk hens.

Coop design features include:​

  • Run door for easy access 

  • Smaller nesting box door to gather eggs

  • Removable panel across coop side for easy cleaning

  • 12" steel skirt made of heavy mesh wire to prevent foxes from digging under

Materials: ​

  • Attractive and durable, locally sourced douglas fir timber 

  • Galvanised, welded mesh wire sides (16 gauge for extra protection against predators)