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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much free-ranging time should the hens be given?

We suggest letting your hens free-range in the garden for at least an hour a day, and always supervised, given the risk of predators. They love to wander around the garden eating insects and various greens, having a dust bath and fertilising the lawn. 

What if we have holiday plans during the period when we wish to hire?

If you have holiday plans, you are welcome to drop the hens off at the farm and we’ll look after them while you’re away. You might also find friends or neighbours excited to get involved in exchange for a few free eggs!

How safe are the hens if we have foxes living nearby?

We designed our coop and run with safety from predators top of mind. We use a heavy, chew-proof wire on our runs and surround the outer base of the run with an anti-digging skirt made of heavy wire. The coop itself is built with a heavy, fox-proof timber secured with 9cm screws. To date, we have not had any foxes penetrate our design.

Can we collect to avoid the delivery fee?

Yes, customers are welcome to collect to waive the delivery fee. If you do not have access to a van or roof rack to fit our semi-flat packed wooden coops, we also keep a small inventory of Omlet Eglu coops that will fit in a good-sized car and are easy to assemble at home.

What happens at the end of the hiring period?

Customers will have the option to extend the hiring period (£145 for a 4-week extension) or purchase the coop and hens, should they wish to. Otherwise, the hens will return to their free-range setup on the farm.​

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