General Terms and Conditions

  1. HenPals is not responsible for any damages, injuries or death incurred by the hiring or buying or our hens, coops, or supplies. 

  2. Delivery Policy: If a customer is located within 30 minutes' drive of our farm (based on Google Maps), and chooses to have their hiring programme or purchased products delivered, our standard delivery fee is £45. Each delivery location beyond 30 minutes' fee is calculated as £2 per mile round-trip to your post code. Hiring programmes are then picked up for free at the end of the hiring period.  

    Customers may pick up and drop off their own hiring programmes from our location to avoid the delivery charges. 

  3. It is not guaranteed that each hen hired or purchased will lay an egg every day. Laying may be lighter when first settling into a new environment, so it could take a few days before they start producing eggs.

Hiring Terms and Conditions

  1. Hiring programmes include the coop and run, two laying hens, feed and bedding, and feed and water containers. If customers choose to extend the hiring period longer than the initial 4 weeks, they are responsible for picking up additional feed and bedding, which can be purchased from a local farm supplies shop. 

  2. The customer is responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the chickens. The chickens must always have access to clean water. Once per week at least, we ask that you replace the bedding and, if possible, move the coop to a new location in the garden. We recommend allowing the hens to explore around the garden for at least one hour per day. We require that someone be nearby and supervise them during this free-range time. This will cut down on the chances that predators will take the chickens. Always contact us first if there are any problems. 

  3. Should any hen suffer an injury or death due to an accident or misadventure (e.g. a fox attack while out in the garden) please contact us by phone and email immediately. We will advise you what the best course of action will be, given the circumstances. Customers will be charged a £40 hen injury or replacement fee. We may be able to deliver a replacement hen, although we reserve the right to end the hiring programme early if we believe the ongoing welfare of the hens is compromised. The delivery of a replacement hen would be subject to our standard delivery rates. Always contact us first if there are any problems. 

  4. The hired coop must be returned in a good, hireable condition. Each coop will be assessed when it is returned and a fair fee will be applied should there be any damage done to the coop. 

  5. The customer is solely responsible for assuring that they/their garden meet any local/county/community regulations regarding the keeping of chickens on their property.